Friday, September 18, 2009

Tears of Pearl by Tasha Alexander

Tears of Pearl: A Novel of Suspense (Lady Emily, #4) Tears of Pearl: A Novel of Suspense by Tasha Alexander

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Even on her honeymoon with the dashing Colin Hargreaves Lady Emily can't resist becoming involved in solving the murder of a concubine at the Sultan's palace in the exotic Ottoman empire. To complicate matters, Lady Emily thinks she may be pregnant and struggles with losing her freedom to a husband who may become overprotective in this situation. While I loved the first line of this book, "It is always a mistake to underestimate the possibilities of a train comaprtment", the rest just fell flat for me. I finished it because I have loved the three previous books but this one seemed tedious to me. The romance between Colin and Emily made me want to gag; continuous mentions of sexual situations and preludes to sexual situations were just too much for me. I enjoyed it more in the previous books when it was still innocent with the promise of more. Lady Emily started to frustrate me with her insistence on her complete freedom to the point that when Colin is trying to protect her safety, it becomes a fight between them. I liked the part where her friend Maragaret asked her if maybe she should let him protect her a little bit because he might like it. I did enjoy the setting with the sultan and palaces and concubines and the exotic and the author's prose is fun to read. But on the whole I was disappointed with this book and found myself skimming just to finish. View all my reviews >>


Corinne said...

It's so sad when an author disappoints - at least you liked the other ones, I guess :)

Shanda said...

Thank you so much for your comments Corinne. I can't tell you how excited I am when someone comments - and you have three times! :) I enjoy your beautiful prose and aspire to make some of my own.