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Review: Romancing Miss Brontë by Juliet Gael

Romancing Miss BrontëRomancing Miss Brontë by Juliet Gael

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I absolutely enjoyed this novel; a blend of fact and fiction that relates the life of Charlotte Bronte and most specifically focuses on her personal love story.

This quote from the book is a wonderful description of Charlotte Bronte

I don't think I've ever met a being so deserving of success and human affection What she has endured, and yet overcome - her courage and perseverance through the most dreadful personal difficulties - and weathering all of this in utter loneliness, with her few friends always at a distance . . .

I can't believe what Charlotte suffered, the loss of her sisters, brother, mother and still carried on living, writing and caring for a father who was proud, stern and sometimes harsh. I loved reading especially about her sister Emily who had found "bliss" just in the natural world, in the simpleness of kneading bread with a book of German poetry propped onto the table and composed her stories while completing household tasks. She also savored the natural world - each leaf, blossom and insect was a wonder to behold and reverence.

I love this time period, while the Bronte's material comforts were few, they cherished their love for each other, the sparkling conversation and their writing. It's becoming a lost art - to sit around for hours and have discussions that are entertaining and enlightening and not punctuated with a phone ringing or someone receiving (or sending) a text.

The love story between Charlotte and Arthur is beautiful. Charlotte always dreamed of a deep romantic love that would lead to marriage and part of her felt that she was giving up this dream when she married the simple, yet constant and loyal Arthur Nicholls. After they married she grew to love him deeply and find a happiness she had been yearning for her whole life.

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Gerbera Daisy Mom said...

I love this genre -- historical/biographical fiction. Need to check this one out.